Let the walls do the talking

Interior Design is a conceptual technique

Let the walls do the talking

Yes, your walls do speak, they talk when you can’t, they explain the ambience of your house, they play the role of biggest icebreaker in the crowd and that too without any dependency on the rest of the elements.

Walls of a home gives security and privacy when needed.. So, what’s the harm in putting around a little thought to make them more presentable. In regular scenarios of Interior-designing walls are the most ignored part of a house, to the extent of thinking about them in the last … or not even think about them at all. But a brilliantly decorated wall can suggest an appropriate proportion of the house, it can create a mirage of bigger as well as smaller rooms

Walls decide the look of your house, rustic, minimal, quirky, clean and soon…

A well-known such illusionary fact is that darker walls make your room visibly small, instead, go for a single wall painted in a darker shade than the rest of the walls to enhance the space look of the room and also get the luxurious feel.

Fill the void of your house by placing relative paintings, wall papers and decorative on the well-painted walls. Use a color palette for the walls which compliments the other old and new décor. A masterpiece could be created out of a stand-alone wall, which is already the odd one out in entire home, just paint it well or texture it and leave it alone.. to be the attention seeker..

We at Studio12 ,considers wall decorating a very essential part of Interior designing and are always ready to grab your ideas for your home , else, suggest ours to save your time…let walls be your friends more than only being your bodyguards.. let them shine let them live.