Less is always more !!!

Interior Design is a conceptual technique

Less is always more !!!

We at Studio 12 believes, Interior Design is a conceptual technique. Concepts based on need, comfort, space, and most importantly, what you want... We here try hard and make your home a reflection of your personality mixed with all the practical elements.

As the saying goes 'Great homes aren't always spacious-but they are always well-thought out and comfortable'. Although comfort often conflicts with the space, but that’s where the concept plays a vital role, as it helps to decides the plan for you, priority wise. The factors of high importance- basics and accesses to be taken care of. Beyond that, a comfortable place to actively start the day and calmly end it, a feeling of your own requires a well-planned use of available space, minimum hassle and maximum comfort. This fulfills the objective of each concept we work on.

A little work on color theme of the space, including walls, roof and flooring complimenting other interior elements like furniture and decoration, also provides the great feel of comfort.

Lighting, although being the basics , altogether changes the aesthetics of any given area. An ignorance towards it can completely turn the tables. A Simple concept considered is that a traditional setting requires warmth whereas contemporary design needs a twist of brightness in lighting and color of the walls.

Thus, designs are based on concepts. Concepts which make your home as beautiful as you are.