Layers Of Lighting

Interior Design is a conceptual technique

Layers Of Lighting

How many of us know that light designing is also very important aspect of interior designing and has to be discussed with the designers explicitly. Interestingly, very few of us are aware of this and know the facts about the lights and its placement. Placement of lights at a proper place is very important to illuminate the room properly and equally for works and corners. Imagine one has placed beautiful mood lights, but those lights are not able to illuminate the room properly and doesn’t highlight the beautiful painting or focuses on the artefacts in the room, whole idea of mood lighting is a total waste in this context. Hence, it is very important to discuss about the lighting with the interior designers while getting the interiors done. Give them incite about your need, your taste and your habits.

Let’s understand about the layers of light & how they work!

There are three different layers of light, each with different functions.


Ambient lighting is the one which, when switched on immediately removes the darkness of the room and lets you see the positioning of each furniture.

This could be in a fan, in the centre of the ceiling dangling in different fashion, a traditional type of light or anything. But this light at the same time cannot enhance the beauty of the wonderful painting hanged over the wall or the artefact kept in the corner of the room. There we need another layer of light.


This light is a step ahead of the ambient lighting. This enhances the look of the art work or painting or anything that you want to highlight or just the mood lights can also be the accent lights.


This lighting is equally important as these light focusses on the area of work or task that you do, like study area, kitchen top or a reading corner with a tall lamp near it.

A bedside lamp to help you read without switching on the main light or ambient light of the room and does not disturb the other person sleeping in the room. A light just near the mirror illuminating your face helps in doing makeup properly.

So, here we saw the importance and working of each layer of light. Mood light and ambient light could be clubbed together. A very important aspect of these lighting is to keep the switches different and dedicated to the particular lighting, which in turn helps you to keep control of the lights.